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«Καλώς ήλθατε στο GreekDDL»

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European Directive 2000/31/EC article 15 Absence of a general inspection obligation concerns articles 12,13,14 of the Directive,

where article 14 is Hospitality! In the absence of a general control obligation, it is stated that the bodies [persons, groups of persons, associations, organizations, etc.

(institutionalized or not) that develop social, political, cultural, etc. activities] do not have a general obligation to control the information they transmit or store nor a general obligation to actively search for facts or circumstances that indicate illegal activities.

The legislation, taking into account the completely different nature of the participatory internet from that of traditional media, has exempted website managers from the obligation of preventive (carried out, implemented to prevent, prevent the occurrence, manifestation of various situations) control of content. Because the law accepts that it cannot supervise them as a precaution (moderation is a choice and not an obligation).

The trade-off, of course, is that it requires them to act with great immediacy (as the nature of the Internet dictates) when they have been informed that illegal material exists, as part of their enforcement obligation. In other words, he may not have preventive responsibility, but he has an obligation to remove it as soon as he learns that something is illegal. And he will have this information after the relevant request of the affected person!

GreekDDL is a page that acts as a search engine.

GreekDDL provides purely and only Links (As you know, url-links) with which you are transferred to a third party page.

GreekDDL does not host on its servers anything more than the software (software-template) required for operation (as an example on computers is windows).

None of the files pictured here are actually hosted on this Website As you know.

The owners and creators of this website are not responsible for the use of the reports and information provided on this website. On this website, only links from other resources are provided. This website is non-profit making, so the creators take no responsibility. All information and links are provided for informational purposes only.

If you are the intellectual owner of the material published on the website and do not want it to be distributed, we will be happy to help you by removing the appropriate links.

This requires you to send us a message, which will include the following information:

1. Evidence that your material is copyrighted:

- Scanned document with stamp

- E-mail from the official owner of the company

- Other contact information, which will allow us to identify you as the owner of this material.

2. The text you wish to insert is accompanied by a removable medium.

In afto, you can specify where and under what conditions it is possible to collect information, links to which have been removed, as well as your contact information so that users can get from you all the information they are interested in about this material.

Then, within 48 hours, the material will be removed and the website will not be accessible.

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